I need hope & humour in my parenting – bring it on!


  1. Loved this post, Karen! It’s a lesson that’s taking me too long to learn. The ‘perfect’ is never as effective as the ‘truthful and from the heart’. How many moments have I missed out on because I didn’t feel like I could do a Pinterest-version-dinner/craft/experience!? Ah well, better to keep learning the lesson rather than not learn it at all. Brokenness, authenticity….real-ness…are my goal these days! Thanks for the reminder of their power.

    • Thanks for reflecting on this journey, Carlene. Putting ourselves under any pressure never ends well, does it? Especially not when perfection (or Pinterest) is the ultimate goal!

    • Thank you, Esther! It’s my ministry to be honest so everyone else feels great about their parenting. 😉

  2. Beautiful message Karen!! . Thanks for sharing ideas how to explain to our kids the truly meaning of Easter.

    • Aw, thanks Claudia. It was an idea I had copied from someone years ago, so I can’t take any credit. Have a beautiful Easer!

  3. This post reminded me of so many times with my own kids whenI fell far short of perfect in trying to teach them or guide them. But what strikes me most after reading this, is how often we recognize the value and deep truth of things long after the fact. Time and space provide perspective for us. I wonder what your boys recall of this first ‘new’ way to telling the Easter story?

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