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If we could chat over coffee, I’d tell you something important then watch carefully to see if you believe me. Ready? You are a Good Mom. I sense you’re protesting and squirming a little, but it’s true.

You are a Good Mom, even when you…

pray for patience but still lose your cool

pretend to listen because your ears are tired

…hide in your closet and eat chocolate

You are a Good Mom, even when.  

Maybe tape this on your bathroom mirror: “You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” ~ Sophia Bush

Parenting is a breeze. So is a tornado.

You expect so much of yourself.

But it’s hard to be responsible for an entire person who didn’t come with a manual.

And just when you get a handle on one stage, your kiddo leaps into the next one…

…while making their loudest mistakes in church (or in front of your mother-in-law). 

Of course you look forward to collapsing on your pillow, but you also dread the mental replay of what you should have done better. Whether you are in diapering chaos or navigating tween eye rolls, being a parent is a serious calling. But I believe we can inch towards not being so serious.

Pull up a chair if you wonder if you’re doing enough as a parent. And lean into this space where we share mess-ups and cartwheel for wins. 

Where we choose grace over guilt and progress over perfection.

I believe, right down to my toes

Small parenting pivots can have profound results.

One hope-filled reminder can refuel you for the next lap.

A new perspective can send your guilt packing. 

No exteme overhauls here. No all-or-nothing thinking. And no parenting report cards.

You have a beautiful way of relating with others and helping us realize we are not alone on our parenting journey. 

 April @ Love Our Real Life  

I love all your suggestions...and I've noticed myself changing - taking that extra pause so I don't launch into a frustrated tirade.  

Karen P.
Mom of two  

We all want so badly to do it 'right' and yet you reminded me again there IS no right way. There are always lessons, and bumpy bits.

Erin H.
Long-time subscriber  

Imagine feeling...

…understood (yessss – another mom’s kid forgets to wear underwear too)

…calm when the next challenge hits (understanding the most important question to ask)

…confident, knowing you connect with your kids, even more than you correct them

…light, as you become more gentle with yourself

Picture having simple parenting tools you can pull out faster than your kids can beg for a juice box or your teen can ask for a ride to the mall.

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Those early years can be tough

As a former Math teacher, I should have known having three kids in four years would be serious multiplication.

I often felt outnumbered and knotted, with no way to call in sick. Please don’t sit on your brother’s head. Juice tastes the same in the green cup. And – no, we don’t pee on the neighbour’s porch were my new reality.

The hardest part? Aiming for an A+ on my imaginary parenting report card, but through tears, often giving myself an F.

Something had to change. I had to untangle my impossible expectations for all of us.

parenting with hope and humour

So when my boys napped, I listened to audio books and webinars, scribbling down every hope-filled truth. Eventually, I ripped up my report card. I became gentle with myself and laughed more, which then brought out the best in my kids. I even began to feel so confident, that I uttered three surprising words to my husband: Just. One. More?

Now with four boys (thanks, honey), I marvel at how relaxed I am compared to those early days. Even as our older boys are teens, and challenges ramp up, I feel like I’ve hit my stride.

Progress over perfection. Grace over guilt.

Want to join me? There will be no report cards – only knowing smiles. We can untangle together, one knot at a time.

Refuel with hope

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Encouragement for parents of teens

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me to aspire to laugh more and steely-eye less –
  (and I have hope you’ll help me get rid of my frowny-line completely) – Lisa V

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